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Toothdevelopment.com is provided by a group of interested dentists and dental health experts.  We know that you want the very best for your child and as a concerned parent hope that this resource helps you to feel reassured that you are doing the right thing.   We view our main job as being advisors to you to help you avoid oral health issues whenever possible. Should you need treatment  at any time then you know that our group of Edinburgh Dental practitioners have the time and knowledge  necessary to help you achieve the best dental results.

the dental team
We believe in getting to know you as an individual. Typically you will only see one of our dentists and one of our hygienists. We recommend this as our prefered way to see you

Each person in our highly skilled team regularly updates their skills and abilities  through ongoing education and training. This helps us to eb sure that your care or that of your child is in  with  current thinking  in modern dentistry.

We’re always available to organise  an appointment to discuss your concerns, regardless of what your whether you’ve been to a dentist recently or not –  whether you are looking for a good family dental professional or are experiencing tooth ache and need an urgent appointment we can help.

The dentist in Edinburgh - Fraser Hendrie BDS MFGDP

 Fraser Hendrie BDS (Glasg.)
MFGDP(UK) GDC Reg. 70476 

John Booth BDS ( Edin.)
MFGDP(UK) GDC Reg. 63628

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